Traditional Appraisal Services

Traditional Appraisal or Valuation Services for all intended uses, including mortgage securitization, estate settlement, and financial planning or sales.

Litigation Support

Litigation Support and Expert Witness Services with specialties in construction defects, contamination, subsidence, and property settlement.

USPAP Compliant Quality Control

USPAP Compliant Quality Control pre-funding and post-funding appraisal reviews.


We provide customized training and instruction for a variety of organizations related to the real estate appraisal and real estate sales professions as well as lending compliance practices. Contact us to discuss customized training options for your group.

Effective July 1, 2021, Wilson Educational Group (WEG) will no longer be an approved provider under the regulations of the Kentucky Commission on Proprietary Education, the Kentucky Real Estate Appraisers Board, or the Kentucky Real Estate Commission.

You may still obtain completed class attendance records or transcripts by contacting WEG at the same offices.

Property Types

WAG staff are certified to perform appraisals on all types of real property: apartment buildings, office buildings, industrial and warehousing, self-storage facilities, agricultural properties, commercial property, and more.